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How Are Winners Decided? 

Here at The Best of Welsh we have created the FAIREST award around. 

When voting opens brides, grooms & bridal party  are free to start voting. 

Your first vote gets you a nomination. Your nomination is then posted on our Facebook page where your clients are then able to boost your votes by continuing to vote along with their bridal party. You are free to advertise for votes as you see fit. 

When voting closes, the votes are printed, counted and verified by 2 independent parties. The first will count the votes and verify. The second verifies the counts and tallies up the winners and runners up. The organisers are only told who has been shortlisted, no winners are revealed to ensure absolute fairness throughout. 

The Shortlists are made up of first place, second place, third place and fourth places. Sometimes this is tied and those companies get invited to the awards as we feel that getting that far deserves a reward! 

Awards are given to both First Place and runner ups. If winners are not in attendance they will be notified via email and given instructions on how to collect their awards. If there is a tie for first and second place, there will be a joint title with all being awarded. 

To be clear, the awards are based purely on VOTES. There is no judging panel, no catches and no fixes. The most votes in each category wins regardless of amount of weddings provided each year, it's how many of your customers voted for you.  Nice, simple and above all fair. 

Special Awards are decided by the voting verifying companies and the creator of the trophies based on information provided by voters, social media and website checks. 

To be nominated is a great achievement as it means you have made a difference to somebody's most special day so if you have not made the shortlist this year, please don't be disheartened.